Barack Obama has very high standards. As your president, Barack will demand that you do your best and that you don't embarrass him.

Take this test to determine whether you're qualified to be one of those who Barack will be president of.

Any clinging to guns or religion?

Are you bitter?

Have you ever taken a free personality test?

What is your first reaction to this phrase: "Chicago politician"?

If Obama lies, is it really a lie if he says it's true?

Have you replaced your incandescent lamps with compact fluorescents?

Obama said uninsured Hispanics are "the largest group of the uninsured in the U.S.", but there are almost 6 million more non-Hispanic whites who are uninsured (21.2 million vs. 15.3 million). Did Obama lie?

Obama said hate crimes against Hispanics doubled last year, but the FBI figures won't be released until the Fall, and they only went up 7.8% in 2006. Did Obama lie?
How many states are there?
What rank do you hope to attain in Barack's Civilian National Security Force?
Foreign Languages
How many languages do you speak, including English?

Are you requiring your children to learn Spanish?

Are you embarrassed that your fellow citizens don't speak French?